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This “web’s” site will be updated regurally with NEWS and VIEWS of the BON LARVIS BAND, which you can find below the picture below!!! Check back EVERYDAY for info about “GIGS”, and other SPECIAL APPEARENCES!


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MAY 20 2005

HEY HE Y HEY! LONG TIME NO SEE! Bet you all have wondered how things is going with the Bon Larvis Band when you check this site, to see what the "latest." Well, its a long story to tell, but had some problems with the "sitemaster" , its a long story like we say. But out with the old and in the new! Things is gonna change, like the man say sometimes the only thing that stay the same, is change. That's life! Specuially when you got....now wait for it....yes you guessed it.....THEM MEAN OLE LOW DOWN DIRTY BOOGIE-WOOGIIE BLUES!!!!


So whats the news. Sad to say there aint been so many shows lately because "The Duck" is-you-know-where. We go to visit him alot, he has got plenty cigerates and all that stuff and sends his love. Aint nothin he aint seen before cause he lives the life he lives and he lived the life he lives! Who can ask for more!?

Seriously we love the Duckman and lookin forward to that BBQ when they turn the man loose! Start gettin ready now ladies, but this time make sure you 100% legal cause we cant afford no more crinks in the plans, when the music calls we got to be there!!! Now we now it come natural, but have a heart! We still all still be here when you hit the "MAGIC NUMBER!!!" If you got my drift and I think you do!!!

In other news, still working on the ablum and it should get done soon, the problems is to go through the tapes of so many E-E-ELECTRAFYING LIVE SHOWS to pick out the best-off-the-best, the once-in-alifetime momemtn when you hear that "CLICK" and know that this is what music was all about!!!!

Takes time to go through the tapes, but we feeling good about it and it should be out soon. Also we got the new site design still coming up and you dont wanna miss that! So stay tuned!!!!

DECEMBER 12 2,003


Heck we can hardly beleuve it our own selves, like the men said, time flies when you having fun....and you best beleive THE BON LARVIS BAND IS HAVING FUN!! So just think about all that fun we havin, like last weekend for instance even when it rained and we had to go on the porch and one of us, we wont say who, had left open the windows on the van, and imagine how it seem like the time just flyin by since we last wanted to wish y,all a MERRY XMAS, now let's face it, there ain't no Santa Clauss for real, but the story of what that repersents its what is most important, whether you young or just "young -at-heart" like us. The spirit of giving. Christams! That, is the true "reasion of the season." Giving means sharing, and that why we want to share with you some "Holiday Thoghts."

One thing is, we thankful the War on Terror is won, and that they caught the guy that did it. Now some of us had some doubts about that whole thing, but we stand corecteed! Waay to go to "The Boys in Blue" for getting that guy off the streets and if you looking for someploace where he can "cool his hills"...well, we got room RIGHT HERE IN AVENAL at the pententairy right here in town, which would pervide some much needed work for folks right here in town which is really hurtin right now with the econamy, plus there's the whole tourist thing which has been kind of in a slump for Avenal. Hey you can't blame us for tryin! We doin our part!!! But seriosly, its great they caught that Talbian guy and that he will answer for what he did now is that a great Xmas present or what??????

But that aint all...now theres kind of a old tradition round these parts, which is a little thing known to you all as the "Jingle Bell Boogie Woggie Blues Ball" which is something we dust off bout this time each year, where we get to be a regular Saint "Nick," givin you the "GIFT" of the boogie woogie Blues Larvis Styles and of course checkin to see who is naughty and who is nice. Now some of you we know had been "Naughty" and we got a present for you this season...these lowdown dirty boogie woogie blues that sound sweet like heaven but they hotter than you-knew-what! "WHHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!" WE ALWAYS IN TROUBLE BUT ITS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, for you that had been nice all year...dontcha think its bout time to "cut loose" with the LOW DOWN DIRTY BLUES and shake your moneymaker CAUSE ONLY THE GOOD DIED YOUNG!!!!!!!!!! SO USE IT N LOSE IT CAUSSE IT DON"T GET NO BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!

So that will be taking place Dec 14 at La Tenebrosa near Avenue 36 near Hydril Road, get there early if you want to see us because afterwords is the Marrachi Hojalata SuperMundo for the whole entire rest of the night!! AY CARRUMBO!!!!!And next night we in Clovis at Sir Loins Brew Pub...thats OK with us long as they got some BEER!! AM I RIGHT???? OK seriosly now, we want to end on a message of XMAS LOVE for the holiday so we got to say "Peace on Earth" and "Goodwill to Men" and thats our hope for each and every one of you!!!! So come on down to the "BON LARVIS'S BAND'S SECONAD ANNUL BON LARVIS BOOGIE WOOGIE JINGLE BELL BLUES BALL" and get down and dirty with B0N AND THE BOYS, cause if you wont do it I know your sister will!!!!!!!!



This mornig we had woke up to learn that Saddam bi Laden and the 9-11 hijackings had delcalred WAR on tHE US of A!!! They have attacked us omce again annd this time its war, cause if you fool me twice, shame on me!!! ARE YOU LISTENING MR BIN LADDEN!?!?!?!?!?

So we are pretty shocked about that, he attacke us out-of-the-blue, none of us here in Avenal knows what these guys are thinking put we for sure support our troops we have to save us from this on-going WAR ON TERROR.

It seem liek nobody ghot time for the blues, nobody can "stop and smell the roses" no more. No w that's how it is, than thats how it is and you can't fight fate, like the men said. So what can WE do??? Well, the boogie woogie blues is about as all-Amreican as it gets, which to us is our "coping" machanasm, so we keeping that up, and in patriotic spirt we have wrote a couple new ones...the "OPEN FOR BUSINESS BOGGIE" which is real upbeat, and the "APPLE-TREE TREE BOOGIE" which is took from the song about sititng under the apple tree when there's a war on, and is a little more philospohical, you could call it. Kind of a slow blues with a lot of feeling, with words that speak to the solders' hearts, to say, "Don't play that apple tree boogie woogie with any one else but me, don't go sitting under the apple tree, mama, don't you give me those boogie woogie apple tree blues, sitting under that boogie woogie tree, with anyone else but me, the boogie woogie buggle boy of comany b." Which just about said it all. So that what we're up to, which you can check out of you in Cholame this weekend, got them taxes coming up with a war to pay for......good a reason as any to come on down to Javier's annd knock back a few "COLD ONES" and hear some boogie woogie blues played as it was mant to be. Over and out for now, P.S......no blinking heeadlines this time in respect for th war. They will come back on when the war is over.


We got to tell it that this Holidays season the BON LARIVS BAND GONNA “DECK THE HALLS” with some BOOGIE-WOOGIE BLUES at JAVIERS IN CHOLAME unless the cops shuts it down again for “mice.”


Whether you been “Naughty, or NIce” we want to see you there and shake you MONEY MAKER!!! Thats right, its CHRITSMAS WITH BON LARVIS, that is, the cure for the BLUES that some people got around this time of year, especially when, there is no jobs or money and the government has said, no more unemployement benifits cuz we are fighting the WAR OF TERROR, and so you are out of luck!!!

That the kind of HOLIDAY BLUES that can make a man to drink, so the best thing is, to DRINK UP AND PARTY with the BON LARVIS BAND boogie-woogie blues holiday XMAS AND NEW YEARS PARTY!!! We gone to play all the hits, you know all ready, but also a new “WRINKEL” on an old classic CHRISTMASCAROLS for the ocassion, that we call “JINGLE BELL ROCK BOOGIE”, which we have adapted for the HOLIDAY XMAS seasin as a little “treat” for those who come out to shake off those blues, and don’t be suprised if SANTA CLUSS HIMSELF show up at the show, cause he got to find out whose “NAUGHY BUT NICE” and will be given away XMAS CHEER from his magic bag, including lots of orginal BON LARVIS bone-afide CLASSIX SON GS, but also “JUST FOR FUN” one-time-only SEASONAL FARE like the great “JINGLE BELL ROCK BOOGIE”!!! So we hope to see you , there and before I forgoet we got to wish everone the best wishes of the XMAS SEASON 2002!!!!



A lot of people thing that the "boogie woogie Blues" is out of step with America today, that they have got they own thing now and there aint no more room for the blues. Just to prove them wrong, we are Up-Dating the site with BLINKING words, thats right the Bon Larvis Bands is dragged kicked and screamin in to the 20th Century!!! And here's the proof, the Blink Tags In Use BLINKING words that you are reading right now!!! More importnat news soon, and more exciting changes to the WEb's site "look", so stay tuned!!!!

OCTOBER 4 2002

OK, the latest news is soemthig that the people in Avenal neaer and dearer to the band already know a little bit about it, for the rest of the people its a “dellicate matter,” and legally we can’t say too much of it for now, and maybe never. The baisics are that he just happened to be down there because he has got family down there, she didn’t give her name or say who she was, and even if she had of done that, he would not have beleived it anyway, because why would she be hanging around there looking like the way she did? Because this gal was “feeling no pain,” if you know what we’re talking about. She sure as hell did not tell her age or nothing like that and there wasn’t “bodygaurds” and stuff like that to tip you off either. Also if she was drunk she had got that way before he came in because he bought her one drink or mybe two and she already had her shirt off then, and anyway he wasn’t the first or even the second one that night, which is probbaly why she told him to do what he did, which she did do, accordding to him, and we know the man don’t tell no lies. And he’s a “BACKDOOR MAN” from way back when anyway, so he ought to of known. He has ridden with guys who you would know there names if I said them, but I won’t, but you get my drift. So it’s proof once again we don’t just play the BBOGIE-WOOGIE BLUES, we live it, not that we’re proud of what he done, but you can’t blame the little lady for doin’ what came naturally!!!!! Or him neither, if it comes down to that. So for now the future of the band is up in the air, depending on what happens down there. We hoping they prefer not to talk about it at all, not make too mcuh of a sorry spectacle of themselves. So it’s another hard time to be faced down, especially when we’re already at War on America, but for now, everyone knows that the Bon Larvis Band looks after it own and is behind him all the way, whatever happens down there. Boy, it just seems like it never rains when it pours!!! Take it from us!!!!

Life goes on, though, and we will get back to news of the record soon, also there’s some talk that the WEB”S SITE will be new, improved bacause of JANINE who offered to re-do it in return for playing at her BAR-B-QUE in honor of the War. So even though we can’t play right now while they settling up down there, we are confedent to be back in the swing of things SOON!!!!!!

SEPT !7 2002

Hey sorry we had been out of "touch" so long, as we know these are hard times what with the attack on America who hate our freedom so much. We dont believe in any of that, now dont get us wrong cause we we got a lot of Resept for Church but you got to have perspecctive. We aint sayin that theres anything wrong with beliefs, but it like the flag says, "DON'T TRAED ON US!!!" And if OSAMA BIN LADEN don't believe that, he had better stay to hell away from Avenal if he cared about his health. So this year, the Bon Larvis Band wants to send a message to evryone that were with you in this thing right to the end. We serious about our life, cause we was raised that way and live it through the blues. Sometimes they think America cant get together, they can't agree. Not true! America can agree on the BOOGIE WOOGIE BLUES and thats where we doin our part in the War on the Attack on Ameirca!! So if OSAMA BIN LADDEN is reading this, remeber: THESE COLOREDS DON'T RUN!!!!

OK, that was the serious stuff, lets get back to the music. One good news is we got a re cord coming out, thanks to Australia where if you know your acnient history you know we blew off the roof off that one a way back when, we made a lot of friends down there and now they returning the favor with a full leng CD record of the BON LARVIDS BAND at they ELECTRICIFYING BEST!!! So keep your eyes out for that one, and stay tuned for more info. Besides that, we want to congartulate the "AMERICAN ICON" girl who won that, way to go swetheart and your lookin good! OK, got work tomorrow early so over and out til next time!!!!


You know how the man had said there wasnt no cure for the "Summertime Blues"

Well he did'nt count on the BON LARVIS BAND going on tour and "takin it to the streets" this Summer!!! That's right, we takin it on the road, now I don't want to
say Avenal is too small for us, cause it always gonna feel like home, but as we say in our "Ambitious Boogie" we got to take these boogie woogie blues around the wo>rld. So that's what we doin. So now you want to know is the Bon Larvis band playing in your town or nearby this Sumeer. The answer is PROBALLY YES!!!

There's a new feeling, coast to coast that the blues is comin back and that you can't keep it down no longer. Its comin back and stronger than before!! So we right out there in the front line of the "Battle of the Blues". Now I don't want to say Avenal is getting too small for us, were "Hometown Boys" til our dying day just like the Oringinal Bon Larvis Band. But as we say in our "Ambitious Boogie" if you heard that one, we got to take these boogie woogie blues around the world!!!!!!!!! So thats what we doin this summer and hope you can come out to enjoy yourself and support the REAL ORIGINAL BOOGIE-WOOGIE BLUES, and if you do then I don't want to start any rumors, but hold onto your hats because lets just say we got some new "tricks" up our sleeve. Dont think I mean we givin up the boogie, though!!!!!!!! I just mean we worked out some tribute material, classic stuff that we all know and love and also have a few new originals like "PORK AND BEAN BOOGIE"..."REST STOP BOOGIE"...and "DRUGSTORE BLUES" which is deticated to our freind Andy who got shot at the drugstore in Kettleman City for shoplifting this certain type of thernometer and resisting arrest after taking hosteges, which he should not have done and we cant condone but its like the man said, you talk about my drinkin...but not about my thirst!!! So where are we playing?? Lets get down to business:

AUGUST 10: AORTA BAR (DETROT MICH)......AUGUST 11: JAILHOUSE (MONTRAEL CANADA).....AUGUST 13: BAR-B-QUE BANZAI, (PORTLAND MAIN)......AUG 14: THE CHARRED RIB (TREMONIUM MARYLAND)..........AUGUST 15: P. NUTS (RICHMOND VIRG)............AUGUST 16 SINNERS AND SAINTS (ESPANOLA N MEX)..........AUGUST 17: HOOPS (RIVERSIDE CALIF). Thats what we got booked for now and were lookin forward to it, hope you are the same so please come out and party with us all SUMMER long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).....MAY @! 2001

FAXED HEAD STOLE BON LARVIS TAPES!!! It's official, we had said before they it was them that had stolen the tapes, but thanks to Tommy Satonni who went to there website and found that our song "MR BUS DRIVER" that Bon Larvis Band had written with producer LARRY MELKIN. So this is as much as if it was a singed confession from the Faxed Head of stealing the tapes, which tthat song was on as everyone who has read our "NEWS" page would know, if you just look at it. So that mystery is solved, the question now is what are they (Bon Larvis) gonna do about it? "That is the question!" Well, first thing is we get the tapes back from them, that's step one. Second is we stop them from releasing there record with our song. We have already got there record company to push the release back, next step is to make them see that they are illegally responsible to not release it at all with our song on it. Next question is should we kick there ass, that's a tough one but for the time being we're working on get tyhhe tapes back, if we can get there album canselled too then thats what we do, thats a big lesson right there. We are "Lovers not fighters" but we also take care of business in true boogie woogie blues style. So we perusing the legal remadies but in the mean time, hows about a "E_MAIL" campagin saying to "GIVE BACK THE TAPES THE BON LARVIS BAND" and while your at it, maybe you guys should take the musical education of listeni to the BOOGIE WOOGIE BLUES and find out what, your missin!!!!!! OK, things looked bad there for awhile but looks like LARVIS wins round two and thanks everone for your support!!!!!!!!!!!APIRL 30 20001

There is a really bad sitution with the latest recordings of tapes by the BON LARVIS BAND for their upcoming LP that they intended to call "AMBITIOUS BOOGIE". The problem is the tapes missing! As many of you had already heard, the Band had been recording this NEW DEBUT LP at Dolpin's DReam Studio in Coalinga, and had mostly finished it to where there was some "overdubs" of vocals and guitar needed, but that was all. It gone well, with the tracks soundin good, so we were pysched to go bback up to Coalinga and get the job done, finished it up. So we went up there. We went to "DOLPINS DREAM" and they said no, we don't have the tapes, didn't you take them, we said no way there were here, they said no you had took them when you had left last time but that not true. This was a 'receptionst" that said this, so we wanted to talk to SEAN who runs DD Studios but he had left to Peurto Vallatra with this lady he met who works for the airplanes, it was a free trip so he gone.

So we looked through the tape but they didn't have it. So we went back to the Sutdio, it was padlocked and closed!!!!! So we had got susipcious after that. ONE THING SURE: WE need to talk to SEAN, so if any people reading this in "PUETRO VALLARA," look for SEAN and tell him to call. He is pretty freaky if you see him, kind of a stoner, with a red beard and tall, usually has a baseball cap on. Tell him to call the BON LARVIS BAND. Also if anyone in the area find some tape, it is OURS if it have the following songs: Mr. Bus Driver (version 1)...Mr. Bus Driver (vers. 2)...Ambitious Boogie...Reliable Boogie...Pants Down Boogie...New Reliable Boogie...Mr Bus Driver (version4)...Penitentery Boogie. And we will pay a reward for the return of the tapes with no questions asked except how you got them and also where. We need to have them returned to finish the record and can't afford no more recording...lucky Carl have a cassette tape in his car with the songs which we can put out if worse come to worse, but its not as good quality because it taped over Carls tape of Chuck Berrey which he had almost wore out cause he loved that tape and played it a lot, especially "My Ding A LIng.". So that what's happening, wished we had better news, so please help however you can!!! MOre new s as it happen!!!!!

MARCH 14 20001

BON LARVIS’ BAND brings in the “BIG GUN’S for ABLUM SESSION’S!! Great news!!!! The BON LARVIS BAND had been in Coalinga the last couple week ends, the reason is, to record a CD release of the BON LARVIS’ BAND’S new original music! This is expecially exciting because of the involvment of a true “Legend” of Rock/Roll, Larry Melkins, who had worked with HUEY LOUIS AND THE NEWS back when they got famous, and had hanged around with them all the time at “Brain Storming” session’s down at the BAR which is on the cover of the Album and is in Mill Valley CAlifornia where HUEY and the boys hail from. So this is a true “insider” into the music biz, who now lives in Avenal at the BP station, and what he says is that what the Bon Larvis Band needs to do, is to follow the lead of H. LOUIS, also a “Boogie Woogie” Blues band originally, but later became “HITS” and had even inspired the movie “GHOST BUSTERS” which we had all seed a million times and loved. Because they had found, that they could have “hits” playing something besides the Blues. Now of course at first the band said WOOH, WAIT a minute...you’re telling AVENAL’S hardest workin BOOGIE WOOGIE band to play something besides the BLUES???? Come on, every one knows were HARCDORE blues FANATCS!!

And his answer was that we should look not just at what HUEY achevied, but also to consider the case of ERIC “COCAINE” CLAPTIN. And theres no doubt he had got a point, because even tho CLAPTIN is one of the TRUE, ORIGINAL, GOD’S FATHER of the blues, when you hear song’s like “Laytons Alley” or “Touch of Grey”, that’s not really the blues he’s playin’ there, its more like “new wave” or something but with a blues influenece that you can here, but is not in the forefront. And thats what LArry said to do,
was that it could not even talk about the blues in the words, or sounds like the blues, but it was still really was the blues. Now I dont know about you, but that sounds like that “yoga” stuff from japan, like the scam this chick down the street from us runs telling PRENGANT women that they don’t breathe right and have to imagine their in a forest and can anyone hear when the trees fall, adn they pay her for this!!! HELLO???. But he said it doesn’t mattter what you played when you had the FEELIN, which he and we knowed we’d got, and then it was like HUEY LOUIS said, The “heart of rock n roll (or in this case, the BOOGIE WOOGIE Blues) was still beatin anyway”.

So armed with this knoweldge, the boys sat down with Larry
and wrote a new song called “Mr. BUS DRIVER,” and it soundin’ pretty good. They had went up to Coalinga after that, to DOLPHIN’S DREAM STUDIOS, where have laid down “basic Tracks” for MR. BUS DRIVER plus trradiotional boogie-woogie faves like “Ambitious Boogie” and “New Reliable Boogie,” which we call “NEW” because the old “Reliable Boogie” everyone was tired of and wanted to imprive it for ther album.

So thats “WHERE ITS AT” with Bon Larvis Today!! More info coming as the seesions have made more progress but at the moment, everyone’s feelin good and we hope everyone on the “WEB” is doin the same!!!DECEMBER 12 2,003CAN YOU BELEIVE IT CHISTMAS TIME AGAIN!!!!!

Heck we can hardly beleuve it our own selves, like the men said, time flies when you having fun....and you best beleive THE BON LARVIS BAND IS HAVING FUN!! So just think about all that fun we havin, like last weekend for instance even when it rained and we had to go on the porch and one of us, we wont say who, had left open the windows on the van, and imagine how it seem like the time just flyin by since we last wanted to wish y,all a MERRY XMAS, now let's face it, there ain't no Santa Clauss for real, but the story of what that repersents its what is most important, whether you young or just "young -at-heart" like us. The spirit of giving. Christams! That, is the true "reasion of the season." Giving means sharing, and that why we want to share with you some "Holiday Thoghts."