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Check out the "links" below, that the "BON LARVIS BAND" endorses for all true-blue blues and boogie woogie blues FANATICS!!!!!

COALINGA MUSIC CONNECTION This site is run by Kerri from Coalinga for beneift of Central Valley musicians, a real great lady, super freindly and a blues "fanatic"...not a lot of blues here so far but that could change if enough BOOGIE WOOGIE Lovers write in to support the blues!!

LOCAL GAL MAKES GOOD!!! Way to go, beatiful...just don't forget about Bon and the Boys's!!!!
AVEVNAL SUCKS?!?!?!?!? This guys got a BAD CASE OF THE BOOGIE WOOGIE BLUES, and fer sure needs to get OUT and get DOWN WITH THE BON LARVIS BAND! Funs' fun, man...but if you dont love it, or leave it!!!
AVENAL WEATHER REPORTS Is the sun gonna be shinin for that BAR-BE_Q gonna happen this weekend?? Find out HERE!
BEAVERAGE HUT DID some body say...BAR-BE-Qs?? Here's where to stock up on some COLD ONES. They'll treat you RIGHT!!
WHAT TIME IS IT IN AVENAL? This "Site" is called "oasis in the sun" and it tell you what time it is right now, here in Avenal. Its got some other stuff to,...like a map!
HOUSE FOR SALE! HEy Out-of Town Boogie Woogie Blues fans...Tired of commuting to Avenal to get your "fix" of the BOOGIE WOOGIE BLUES? There's never been a better time to move to Avenal!! A "TRUE" STORY: This one buddy of ours just bought a house for three thou and they threw in a case of ball points pens!!!!
OTHER "BOOGIE WOOGIE" BLUES ARTISTS Here's one we we'd written!!!!
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