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We got back from our tour at long last and I got to say it was sucessfull. We really played the hell outta the Blues and I think that a lot of America know that now!!! You can say what you want about this that and the other band but i think we can all agree that Bon Laervis is a true force to be wrecked on with. Not that were bragging---cause any success the band had out there, the credit goes solley to the BOOGIE WOOGIE BLUES, cause when you got them on your side, YOU JUST CANT LOSE!!!!!

One thing we did we kept a Tour Dairy to share with you all and also to keep remembering our memories. So along with some pictures of the BOYS in action coast-to-coast-we have some stories about what is was like touring with the BON LARVIS BAND!


Well what can you say, the Beanery has been a “Second Home” for the band a long time now, its closing now because their putting in a gas station there so the BON LARVIS BAND was the last show and it was a lot of emotions because the Beanery had been like a “Second Home” and Dave and Sandy and Carnie had been like family, they was fans from way back of the original band too so it was sad to see the place close but we wish them luck with a new location soon. That being said it was a great show for BON LARVIS and they got lots of complimentry PORK AND BEANS which was all free for the loyal customers, which the band celebrated in their second set by playin PORK’N BEAN BOOGIE to well after “LAST CALL”!!! Great show!!! Thanks guys!!!!

AUGUST 3: HOOPS, Riverside Calif

This was a great place, big size and nice big stage, kind of a “Sports” bar which is good for us, but what was not so good was that the PA had got busted and wasnt working so we had to do some instrumental tunes til it turned out the police came because of the bartender. He ran awy when they pulled up so we figured “case closed” but they shut the show down anyway and locked the club. So we didn’t make any money at this one but we made some friends, like with this girl who was running away from home that we gave a lift to as far as Delano. Her name was “Carrie” and she was “Sweet 16” and already had the boogie woogoe blues, truely a great lady were glad we had met!!!



You ever hear of the “high way blues?” That’s what the band figure they had after tryin to drive up to PROFESSER GREEDIGUTS in Spokane!!!! Turned out it wasnt ‘doable” but ain’t nobody can say we didn’t try. We had gone as far as BEND OR so we got some burgurs and kicked back cause the next show was in Weed which accorded to ther map was right nearby.




We pulled into Weed “bright n’ early” in a good mood from listning to Chuck Berry which alwasy bring a smile. Right now everyone favorite is “Almost Gorwn”, beatin out my “Ding a Ling” for the first time so far. Good thing we was in a good mood and that it had been early in the day though because the OLD DAIRY is going to become a “Starbucks” coffee! “Starbucks” people told the Landlord we will give you ten times the rent and so the Landlord kicked Bill and Samanatha out of the “Dairy, so thats that, the end of an era for the folks up in Weed. Maybe a blessing in disguise for the “Bon Larvis Band” though because TULSA OK was not exactly across the street and we had to do some serious drivin to make the show!!!! So we slapped that “CB” cassettes on and get down to business!!!


We call this “THE HIGHWAY BLUES PART II” because that was one hell of a stretch out there to get there, we played the harmonica to stay awake and ate our meals “on the fly”, takin it to the limit as per usaul for Bon Larvis but this was no joke, thats a long drive!!! At a truck stop we found “Trockers love it” to keep you awake so we took a lot of that and cranked up Chuck Berry and “just did it.”

Tulsa turned out to be pretty big, bigger than Fresno and look like it had been there a while. We figure it was a little town like Avenal but its big and you can get turned around, theres a river there and some things are on one side and some things are on the other. Carl had once took the tour of Hollywood Movie Stars and he thought it was like that but with older houses like they have when you see pictures of England or France.

But getting back to the point, we was supposed to play at the STEAK N SHAKE only what we didn’t know was theres lots of STEAK n SHAKE’S, in Tulsa. We call them on at a time looking for “Brett,” and finally we found him only like the third place in, but there was a mistake someone had made because we thought we were playing at the S N S, but really it was just that “Brett” worked there and we was playing at his house for a BAR-B-Que. No problem there cause were always up for “FUN IN THE SUN.”

It seem like noone would come at first, then some guys show up and they had beers, as someone else brought pork and beans so by concidence we could do the “pork and bean boogie” again, so we did!! It was a great set and we want to thank Brett for the PA, you folks in Tulsa got lucky seeing Bon Larvis and I know a couple of US “got lucky” too. Next stop, Siuox Falls!!!!!!

TAKEN CARE OF BUSINESS!!!!!In true "Boogie Woogie Blues" style...CAN I GET A WITNESS?????